Dog Training at Day Camp

Immerse Your Dog In Training Sessions and Playtime– For the Better Behaved Dog You've Always Wanted

For your fastest route to your well-mannered dog, I recommend immersion training at our high-quality dog training partner facility, Playground Pups. Each day, your dog receives frequent training sessions and plenty of downtime for socializing with friends. Your dog rapidly learns the behaviors you need – while having fun. Each evening, you’ll enjoy a tired, calm and well-behaved dog.

Upper West Side dog training. Perfect Behavior Dog Training trainer Jay Andors trained calm dog Arrow the Airedale in New York City
With My Training Your Dog Will Learn
These Essential Foundation Skills
  • Come when called – every time!

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Down

  • Drop it

  • Settle – in elevators, stores, at your favorite café

  • Touch

  • Loose leash walking

  • Calm greeting of visitors

Your Dog Will Enjoy These
Essential Extras
  • Being groomed

  • Teeth brushing

  • Taking medicine

  • Visits to the vet

  • Settling in a crate

  • Car travel

NYC dog training. Dogs at day camp.
New York City dog training. Curious dogs
I Can Fix Your Dog's
Specific Behavior Problems
  • Barking at home and outside

  • Separation anxiety

  • Lunging/barking on a leash

  • Counter-surfing – Playground Pups has a kitchen – perfect for on-the-spot training

  • Chewing household objects

  • House-training issues

  • Aggression and biting

  • Fear-based behaviors

  • Child-related behaviors

  • And many others!

How Will it Work?

  • First, I’ll meet you and your dog for an Initial In-Home Consultation, listen to your hopes and concerns, and create a customized training plan

  • Next, I’ll provide immersion training for your dog at Playground Pups, implementing the customized training plan using positive techniques

    • Four 15-minute sessions a day, each broken into 3-minute segments for training specific skills

    • Constant repetitions mean more reinforcements

    • High levels of reinforcements mean accelerated learning

    • I’ll provide you with notes and videos of each session

  • I’ll train your dog while you get on with your busy life

  • After several sessions, I’ll meet with you and share my training

  • Your dog gains socialization skills and has fun with friends

  • Your home stays safe from destructive dog behaviors

  • You’ll quickly reap the benefits of your well-mannered dog!

“Jay worked directly with Skaja during the day at her daycare on a few especially difficult behaviors (barking on command, quiet on command) and then transferred the cues to us.”


- Karin and Michael Orantes and Skaja