Holistic Grooming and Self Care - No Stress for You or Your Dog!

Does your dog dislike going to the groomer? Or the vet? Does your dog fight about nail clipping and tooth brushing?

I will train your dog to cooperate in her own care, and calmly accept being handled and examined by groomers, vets – and by you.

The Hand Con = Calm
Why Do You Need Your Dog to
Cooperate in Self-Care?
  • Enjoyable vet and groomer visits for you and your dog

  • Calm behavior during baths, brushing, detangling, tooth brushing, or taking medication at home

  • Properly groomed dog with unrushed, trouble-free grooming

  • Better health for your dog with thorough, unrushed vet examinations

  • Fewer dental problems due to frequent tooth brushing (video)

  • Reliable calm behavior in stressful situations makes your life easier

What Behaviors Will Your Dog Learn?
  • Grooming or a vet appointment is a long duration behavior chain

  • I will train your dog to accept and anticipate each individual unit of behavior until they are linked together into one chain

  • I’ll train your dog to associate all aspects of self-care with positive experience

  • I’ll train your dog using positive reinforcement methods only

  • I’ll train your dog to respond reliably in all self-care situations

  • I’ll create a perfect plan for you based on your personal needs

  • I’ll transform your dog while you go about your busy life

NYC dog training. Perfect Behavior Dog Training. Fancy groomed Dalmation

I will train your dog to cooperate in her own care, and calmly accept being handled and examined by groomers, vets – and by you.

As a certified Master Groomer with over 25 years of experience, I have reshaped the behavior of thousands of dogs during the grooming process, taking away their anxiety and fear, and replacing it with happy cooperation. I use this experience to train dogs to enjoy all aspects of self-care.

“For professional groomers, perfecting haircuts is only half our job – caring for pets both emotionally and physically comes first, far before vanity. Jay and I have co-authored a book on no-stress grooming. With his professional grooming skills and animal training expertise, Jay turns grooming into a positive experience for pets and owners alike.”


- Anne Francis, Best All Around Groomer/GroomExpo 2016

“Jay offered to save us thousands of dollars over the lifetime of our dog by teaching us the technique of handstripping ... and he gave us so much more! He guided us with proper technique and awareness for Arrow's comfort, taught us to use clicker training for calmness, standing on a grooming table, tooth brushing, and even for opening a push-button handicap door.”


- Courtney and Robert Thompson and Arrow