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About Me

NYC dog training. Upper West Side dog trainer Jay Andors training two dogs

Hi, I'm Jay Andors, KPA-CTP!

I’ve worked with thousands of dogs in New York City over the last twenty-three years. Beginning as a professional groomer with my own business on the Upper West Side, I trained dogs to cooperate in their own self-care, shaping their behaviors to turn the stress of grooming into a positive experience. Next, I transferred these skills – including a lot of patience – to my professional dog training business.

In 2013, I decided to take my training to the highest level. I worked with Karen Pryor and Ken Ramirez at Karen Pryor Academy, one of the most widely respected and challenging dog training programs in the country, and became a Certified Training Partner. Karen’s influence in the animal world is legendary. Her method of force-free training and positive reinforcement provides the foundation for my personal dog training philosophy, one I bring to my work with dogs every single day:

  • It's possible to change and shape your dog’s behavior – no matter their age.

  • Positive reinforcement brings the best – and longest-lasting – results.

  • A dog’s unwanted behaviors can be redirected through careful observation, assessment, and a specific training plan.

  • Ignoring mistakes and focusing on the positives sets everyone – owners and dogs – up for success.

  • Behavior changes occur by reaching small attainable steps – until the desired finished behavior change is achieved.

  • Behavior changes occur one step at a time up a staircase to success.

  • Real change in behavior can be developed quickly through consistency and repetition in just a few minutes a day.

  • Dogs love learning – and dog training should be fun.

My goal as dog trainer is to teach your dog to respond reliably in all situations.

I’ll use proven positive dog training methods to reinforce the good behaviors you want – and extinguish the ones you don’t. I’ll shape your dog’s behaviors by deepening your relationship with your dog and you’ll soon see your dog’s progression into your perfect companion.

“Jay is stellar! I live in Manhattan with four dogs (two rescues) ranging in age from one to ten years. Jay has been a constant show of support with all aspects of training from housebreaking to curbing aggression. I cannot say enough about Jay’s value to me...he is amazing!”

- Monica Schenker and George, Lou, Grace, and Sid
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