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Puppy Training

Customized Private Training - To Start Your Puppy on the Path to Success

Puppies are a lot of fun - and a lot of time-intensive work. With my dog training experience and patience, I’ll take away your stress and together turn your bundle of mischief into the well-behaved pup you want.

NYC dog training. Perfect Behavior Dog Training. Sweet puppy Ziggy.
Why is Private Puppy Training Right for You?
  • I’ll listen, observe, and provide you with a personalized training plan

  • I’ll give you clear goals amidst the chaos a new puppy can bring

  • It’s all about you and your needs!

  • We'll do the training together – and you’ll reap the rewards

  • We'll maximize your puppy's learning in the crucial first months

  • Your puppy will learn faster with our combined attention and focus

  • We’ll use positive training methods to bring out the best in your puppy

  • I’ll help you to redirect unwanted behaviors before they turn into problems

  • When things seem overwhelming, I’ll be there to support you in person, virtually, by phone or email every step of the way

What Behaviors Will Your Puppy Learn?
  • It’s up to you and the needs of your individual lifestyle!

  • Together, we’ll provide your puppy with basic manners that will last a lifetime

  • Together, we’ll provide structure and guidance on house-training, crate-training, and sleep-training

  • Together, we’ll introduce your puppy to the noise and bustle of city life

  • Together, we’ll socialize your puppy with other dogs and people

  • Together, we’ll train your puppy to ensure calm behavior inside and outside

  • Together, we’ll work with your puppy on specific problem behaviors

  • I’ll create a perfect plan for you based on your personal needs

New York City Dog Training. Smiling puppy

I'll Help You Put Your Puppy's Best Paw Forward!

For Example:

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