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My Rates

My Rates: how I work with clients at all levels:

Private individual one on one coaching for owners and their dogs

to acquire and build behaviors to their highest level of finish.

  • Errorless house training

  • Pre-puppy arrival consultations, setting your home environment up for success deciding where puppies toilet will be.

  • Where their crate will be, learning how to journal to predict when they will have to eliminate and making a plan to get your new puppy to its toilet in time to be successful.

  • Coaching owners to improve their training skills while simultaneously teaching the new puppies it's basic foundational skills that will enable it to learn anything.

  • Behavior consultations for reactivity, resource guarding separation anxiety 

  • As a Karen Pryor Academy Certified training partner . A member of the Pet Professional Guild and IAABC,I adhere to a very strict code of ethics. The code requires me to use only Force free minimally invasive scientific methods to develop the dog that fits into your lifestyle. 

  • Since each animal is a study of one I specialize in customizing individual programs for each family and its members.

  • I am not a training company all the training is done by me. We start with an initial virtual consultation it takes about an hour and a half and the fee is $225 plus the tax it allows me to assess exactly your needs, suggest initial Management and training steps, while not adding undue stress to your dog or the environment. I'm able to observe you and your dog and speak to you directly and coach you directly in real time.

  • I'm also offering individual coaching in my yard on all skills for those that have never trained a dog before and are expecting a dog soon you can work with Domino to further help you to avoid initial mistakes. The fee for those sessions start at $150 an hour but I will customize packages as needed for further  savings.

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