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Puppy Training
= Best Results

Let's Set You and Your Puppy Up for Success Together!

Your new pup is cute – but what you need is a well-trained puppy who will mature into a well-behaved dog. Training takes time and consistency. With your busy New York lifestyle, we need a plan that will work for YOU.

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Start With A Pre-Puppy Plan!
Before the Puppy Comes is the Best Time to Develop the Training Plan
  • Help select the best breed of Puppy for YOU

  • Setting up your home environment For Errorless house training

  • Developing an early training/management plan, so that we can develop a dog that fits your individual lifestyle together.

  • Crate training for potty training.

  • Developing attention and teamwork.

  • Planning for what will occur once your new puppy arrives

  • Socialization and enrichment training plans developed 

New York City dog training. Two puppies sleeping
Training Your Puppy Will Include
Learning These Essential Basics
  • House-training

  • Crate-training

  • Socialization with people and other dogs

  • Creating schedules

  • Prevention of chewing

  • Prevention of nipping

Your Puppy Will Learn
These Foundation Skills
  • Come when called – every time!

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Down

  • Drop it

  • Settle

  • Touch

  • Calm greeting of visitors

NYC dog training. Perfect Behavior Dog Training. Puppy lying in grass
Upper West Side dog training. Perfect Behavior Dog Training client Theo snoozing on couch
Train Your Puppy In These
Essential Life Skills
  • Being groomed

  • Bath time

  • Teeth brushing

  • Taking medicine

  • Nail clipping

  • Visits to the vet

  • Settling in a crate

  • Car travel

I will train your puppy with you, and you’ll enjoy a well-behaved companion – one who fits your lifestyle as a puppy and as a grown dog.

  • First, we'll conduct an Initial Virtual Consultation, listen to your hopes and concerns, and create a customized training plan

  • Next, we’ll work with your puppy together a few times a week to implement your customized training plan using positive training techniques

  • During each training session, we'll take your puppy for a potty break for reinforcement

  • We'll harness your puppy's learning potential during the important early developmental stages

  • You’ll quickly reap the benefits of a well-behaved puppy

Pre-Puppy Consultation

I’ll prepare you for the big day of bringing your puppy home.

  • Let's pick the perfect pup for your lifestyle

  • Let’s puppy-proof your home

  • Get started with the right equipment and puppy-safe toys

  • Let’s create a plan for your puppy’s first days, and discuss goals for the crucial first months

  • Let’s talk about the importance of consistency

  • I’ll help you take away pre-puppy jitters so you can enjoy your new arrival

“Jay supported us throughout Arrow's puppyhood and into adolescence with his calm, insightful, and father-we-wish-we-had demeanor. On top of it all, Arrow LOVES Jay... every time I play one of Jay's training resource videos, Arrow comes running to the sound of his voice!”


- Courtney and Robert Thompson and Arrow 

“We have been working with Jay since about a month after Skaja, our fluffy Samoyed, came home. We are happy to report that at 10 months, we have a very obedient (for her age) Samoyed who walks and interacts with others under control, and is on her way to being able to walk off leash. She has learned key behaviors with Jay and is always excited to learn more. She adores Jay and loves working with him.”


- Karin and Michael Orantes and Skaja 
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